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Vertical 2: International Centre for Digital Leadership

Integrating Technology in School Curriculum

The influences of technology have become ubiquitous in almost every aspect of our current society and its increasing global dependency demands that it be included in our educational systems as well. In this scenario, schools are uniquely positioned to advocate judicious use of such tools not only to students but to other stakeholders as well.

Technology integration and practices in schools are propelling principals and school leaders to think about new leadership responsibilities. New leadership goals and competencies are also evolving to ensure that the teachers are accomplished and proficient in delivering curriculum to engage and motivate every student, every day. But change is an ongoing process. It may take years to show results but with careful planning and by empowering all stakeholders, it can be a smooth journey. It is essential therefore, to set up goals by consensus so that it creates a broad sense of ownership and each stakeholder feels valued throughout the change process. It is also vital to have clear communication for both channels, for staff to raise concerns and celebrate achievements, and the management to assess and monitor the progress of the adopted innovation.

School Leadership must establish the vision for technology integration, develop a digital culture, possess adequate knowledge about technology standards and best practices, and communicate the uses and importance of technology in enhancing student-learning experiences to all school's stakeholders.

Furthermore, it is also imperative that school leaders provide adequate opportunities for the professional development of staff to enable them to embrace technological integration, thereby encouraging students to become active learners, provide them space to guide their own learning and foster in them a passion for research and discovery.

Teachers must re-evaluate their role in a world where students derive considerable amount of knowledge from various technological resources and more often than not, use such mediums as a substitute for learning in the classroom. Hence the role of the teacher must change from being only a content expert, to a facilitator who supports students in understanding various ways of thinking and plans and guides their understanding of the world.

Mahattattva helps schools engage in these discussions and in this journey, develop and evolve into schools of the future. We aim to build centres of excellence where empowered school leaders and staff provide sustainable solutions and achieve leading educational transformations with new-age technology. Mahattattva's International Centre for Digital Leadership in Schools, has been set up with the sole purpose of providing thought leadership in the field of Educational Technology.

Ed Tech Summits

The Educational Technology Summit Series is an intellectual property of Mahattattva Educational Advisory Pvt. Ltd. Conducted annually, The Educational Technology Summit Series provide a platform for thought leaders, educationists and students to ideate, innovate, develop and showcase various views regarding specific themes in the field of educational technology.

The Summit Series promises to bring innovations and student leadership to the front year after year; support the bright young minds and encourage them to identify real-world problems and provide solutions for the same.

The Educational Technology Summit Series initiative has been selected by the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Competition (CTIC) at University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) to be converted into a case study. CTIC is dedicated to promoting foundational research that will shape and reshape the way legislators, regulatory authorities, and scholars think about technology policy, intellectual property, privacy, and related fields.

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