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Vertical 4: Centre for Teacher Professional Development

Teachers are the backbone of the educational institutes and future of our nation lies in their hands. In order to improve the quality of education, there is a dire need to invest on their professional development, which in return may provide quality education. True academic excellence and success can only be achieved when the students are driven by their own intrinsic desire to learn. Therefore, teachers must always be in touch with leading edge educational technologies and pedagogies, reflecting on them and introducing them - in a thoughtful manner.

Creating such a learning environment, starts by empowering teachers and supporting them with the resources they need to genuinely transform the classroom from a place where students are the passive recipients of "content" to an interactive workshop, laboratory, field or studio where students and teachers together uncover knowledge and discover truth through a process of experience, reflection and dialogue that leads to genuine, enduring understanding. The Centre for Teacher Professional Development conceptualizes and designs opportunities to support the continuous professional development of teachers. The programs offered by the Centre are a means to work with teachers and further their vision and goal and affect student learning. The programs address the needs of the individual teachers by enhancing his or her knowledge and skills and thus the quality of student learning.

We aim to contribute in building an ecosystem that sustains and supports teacher professional development alongside pedagogical transformation and innovation.

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